Video Software Instructions

Before using CD software, please be sure to disable any pop-up blockers, including third party software that disables pop-up windows.

In Internet Explorer, this can be done by clicking on the 'Tools' menu and selecting a pop-up blocker option. (See A)

In Firefox, pop-up blocker options can be found under 'Tools', then 'Options', and then 'Content'. (See B)

If you are not sure if your internet browser has a pop-up blocker installed, try searching for it in the program's 'Help' directory. If you believe your computer is running a third-party software program that disables pop-up blockers (such as Google or Yahoo! toolbar) refer to that program's instructions on temporarily disabling the pop-up blocker.

To begin using your software CDs, insert the CD into your CD drive.

The CD should automatically play and utilize your default browser. If you recieve a message regarding active content, allow the browser to enable such content. (See C)

If your internet browser does not automatically open, open up the CD manually through your file explorer program. On your desktop, click on the "My Computer" icon and then double click on the CD icon. (See D)

If the CD does not automatically run when the CD icon is clicked, open the CD drive in your explorer window. To do this, right click the CD icon and select "Explore".

Then, double click on the “Site” folder and then double click on the file called “index.html”.

Now that the CD is running, you may click on the links which display your video. The Windows Media Player program will load into your browser window automatically and initialize the video.

In some cases, a license is needed in order to view the content. Please allow the program to verify the media file and then click 'Play'. (See E)

Because the internet's browser views this as active content, you may notice a grey border around the Media Player when your mouse hovers over the control panel. To disable the grey box and activate the control panel, simply click anywhere on the Media Player. (See F) This prevents malicious software from installing itself without your knowledge.

Windows Media Player 11

Due to a security setting in Windows Media Player 11, some users may experience difficulty when first trying to view our educational software. To correct this problem, complete the following steps:

Go to

If a yellow bar appears, saying "This site might require the following ActiveX control:"

  1. Right click the yellow bar and select "Install ActiveX control" (See G)

1. Click "Install"
2. That window will close. Click "Upgrade" in the new window.

a. Restart Internet Explorer
b. Try replaying the video

If there is no yellow bar that appears:

  1. Click "Upgrade" to install ActiveX control. (See H) Once the installation is complete, restart Internet Explorer and try replaying the video.


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