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Online Homeschooling Academy First to Offer Software
that Teaches Real World Skills

A partnership between Learning By Grace, Inc. (LBG) and I Support Learning (ISL) brings ISL's story-based software to many national and international K-12 homeschool students who use LBG's online learning systems.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) July 26, 2005 -- Learning By Grace, Inc. (LBG) ( has entered into a partnership with I Support Learning, L.L.C. (ISL) ( The agreement brings ISL's unique story-based software to the many national and international K-12 grade homeschool students who use LBG's online learning systems.

The joint venture, the first in the nation, gives LBG homeschoolers a revolutionary learning tool that uses homeschool students' passions and interests to create relevant real world experiences. The “Video Game Development” software is designed to use core subjects like math, language and science to create video games, which students can then share and play with friends and family.

“The program allows students to create educational video games that can be used to educate and teach younger students. It's taking their passion for commercial video games and giving them the tools and knowledge to develop their own video games," says Steve Waddell, owner and developer of ISL. "The response from students and educators has been tremendous. It's the first program that allows students to see how their current studies can be applied to a real world job."

The story-based software puts homeschool students front and center as newly hired video game developers. Students immediately become active participants because the software regularly sends e-mails, faxes, calls and virtual visits from customers, bosses, and co-workers.

“Choice can be powerful, especially when children can choose what to learn and how to learn it. A primary goal of LBG is to provide a wider assortment of engaging and relevant courses from which our students can choose, thereby giving them a sense of control over their education," says Diana Dahl, curriculum manager of LBG. "This new partnership with ISL is an exciting opportunity for us to reach this target. It allows us to provide significant educational experiences for our students and to bring families and friends together through education, as it should be. ISL's video game development resources have provided LBG with an avenue to reach kids on their level, provide them with an enjoyable learning path, and give them power of choice over their education.”

LBG CEO Mimi Rothschild believes the partnership provides an opportunity to completely "reinvent" education. “Why can't learning be engaging and fun? Making the learning experience relevant and truly interesting to the student is the key to academic success. Traditional education can be improved in numerous ways," she says.

LBG and ISL have plans to unveil several technology-based courses in upcoming school years.

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