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Innovative Online PreK-12 Academies Able to Update Curriculum Overnight to Accommodate Demotion of Pluto to “Dwarf Planet”

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Learning By Grace, Inc., the leading online PreK-12 academy management company, announced today that its science curriculum has been updated for the academies’ first day of the new school year on September 5th to reflect changes made by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). At a meeting in Prague last week regarding the definitions of celestial bodies, Pluto was demoted to a “dwarf planet” in a near unanimous vote by IAU members.

“Our cutting-edge technology guarantees the curriculum developed at the Learning By Grace, Inc. academies is current and accurate. Because our state-of-the-art programs are delivered using digital technology, we are able to update information quickly and easily to ensure that our students receive the best education available. Unfortunately, this is not possible for many other educational institutions today,” explained Mimi Rothschild, CEO of the Learning By Grace, Inc. managed academies.

Julia Osborne, Science Editorial Director for Pearson Prentice Hall stated to the Associated Press that textbooks for this school year are already in traditional school classrooms, so for "most students this fall it will be out of date.'' Traditional schools typically use the same textbooks for five to 10 years; therefore it will be years before students have correct science texts in hand.

“Does it make our products obsolete?” asked Kim McLynn, spokesperson for educational game, toy, and material producer Learning Resources, in an interview with the Associated Press. Old or inaccurate information, especially in the sciences, does cause many companies’ and schools’ educational materials obsolete. Not only are these companies and institutions in danger of losing millions of dollars, but they are also providing educational materials to students containing outdated information thereby negating the sole purpose of education: to teach our youth accurate information.

To assist educators and school districts with this issue, Learning By Grace, Inc. is offering free educational materials at to any parent, teacher, student, school district, or any group that may need them. The free materials consist of downloadable images, solar system diagrams, and worksheets that reflect the currently defined structure of our solar system. “It is extremely important to Learning By Grace, Inc. to provide our youth with quality education. This isn’t a business to us, this is our duty. If we can help even one more student receive the most current information, regardless of whether she or he is enrolled in our academies, we have done our job as educators,” stated Rothschild.
Learning By Grace, Inc. directs management services for K-12 online learning providers. The LBG curriculum is delivered through the Internet and includes a combination of online and offline components such as e-texts, traditional textbooks, workbooks, CD-ROMs and other media infused with multimedia-intensive interaction.

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