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Learning By Grace Launches New Homeschooling Options:
Affiliates, Cooperatives and Virtual Schools

Learning By Grace, Inc. (LBG) announces Partners By Grace (PBG), a PreK-12 homeschooling cooperative program that offers several dynamic partnerships for ministries to homeschool with ease.

PHILADELPHIA, PA (PRWEB) August 22, 2005 -- Learning By Grace, Inc. (LBG) announces Partners By Grace (PBG), a PreK-12 homeschooling cooperative program that offers several dynamic partnerships for ministries to homeschool with ease.

As the concern about the quality of public education increases, families are looking to their local churches and ministries to provide educational alternatives for their children. LBG has established an online program allowing Christian individuals, small groups and large local or national ministries to provide PreK-12 education for their communities through the Partners By Grace Program. PBGs receive income (based on tuition generation) that can be used in their local ministry or given back to parents.

“The Partners By Grace Program provides churches, ministries, missionary organizations, homeschooling cooperatives, and other types of Christian organizations with the opportunity to benefit from new online homeschooling technologies. The program combines virtual education, Christian learning, and homeschooling to create an innovative learning experience,” stated Dana Venné, LBG Marketing Account Executive.

Organizations participating in Partners By Grace direct their enrolling families to the LBG Academies. All students who come from the PBG Program receive an attractive discount off the regular tuition. PBGs also receive a portion of the tuition for the life of that student’s enrollment, providing the Partner with a new source of revenue to grow its educational ministry or church treasury. Learning By Grace, Inc. offers the Partners By Grace Program as a free alternative for organizations interested in providing a quality homeschool resource to families.

“Learning By Grace works hard to provide our parents, students, and partners with the power of choice. We allow parents to choose from various online academies to best meet the needs of their children. We allow students to work at their own pace, to ensure consistent motivation in their learning. Partners By Grace is another example of LBG living up to its belief that quality educational options provide the power of choice vital to the success of our children,” said Mimi Rothschild, LBG Chief Executive Officer.

The Partners By Grace Program has three service levels to choose from: Affiliates, Cooperatives, and Virtual Schools.

Partners By Grace Affiliate

The PBG Affiliate option is a way for organizations to spread the word about Learning By Grace, Inc. Programs while earning money. LBG provides individuals, organizations and businesses with banner links and literature necessary to share LBG programs with their website visitors, church members, family, friends, and fellow homeschoolers. In return for their efforts, LBG provides a generous tuition share to the organizations for every enrollment in one of the LBG Academies coming from their efforts.

Partners By Grace Cooperative

The PBG Co-op option is provided for currently active homeschooling cooperatives, church homeschool groups or schools, or those wishing to pursue such a venture. PBG Co-ops work by students enrolling in one of LBG’s existing academies, which provide the families of the co-op with a significant discount on the tuition. PBG Cooperatives also receive a percentage of the tuition they present.

Partners By Grace Virtual School

PBG Virtual Schools allow an organization to create its own online academy with its own identity using Learning By Grace, Inc. curriculum and management tools. The process is simple: For a modest set-up fee, LBG creates a website that presents the Partner’s own branding or “look & feel.” The Partner can select from a list of services that LBG provides for the students.

“What makes the Partners By Grace (PBG) program so versatile is that it is structured with 3 different service levels. The PBG Affiliate level serves individual organizers or small groups with just a few students. Our PBG Co-Op level allows churches and homeschooling groups to enroll dozens of students and our PBG Virtual School program serves major ministries who need to support hundreds or thousands of students. Each level is affordable, and every level of the program includes over 110 PreK-12 Biblically-based Courses with complete technical, instructional, and student services support. What is even more amazing is that the set-up time can be as little as 24 hours. I am pleased to announce that after over four years of development and testing the Partners By Grace program is now available,” commented Howard Mark Mandel, President of LBG.

Partners by Grace is an innovative program seeking to serve Christian individuals, groups and ministries by offering a high quality education alternative to children in their communities.

Learning by Grace, Inc. is the leading provider of revolutionary Christian K-12 online learning solutions. Through its parent-led or teacher-led academies and 110 extensive course offerings, Learning by Grace provides engaging educational support to Christian home school families worldwide.

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