Instructions on How to Use Sayzme
If software does not open automatically after it's installed, go to the
Start Menu > Programs > TexTalk > TexTalk
open the TexTalk folder on your desktop, then open the TexTalk folder, finally click on the TexTalk.exe file. Once opened, select text that you want to be read, then press "control + c" on your keyboard (or Edit > Copy in most programs) and you will hear the text being read out loud.

TexTalk installs 'Sayzme' software, Microsoft Speech API 4.0, and Microsoft synthetic voices.
Instructions on How to Download TexTalk

1) Click on the "Download TexTalk here" link. Click "Run" to download the application.

2) You will see a menu like the one below that shows the status of the download.

3) After the download is completed, choose "Run" to confirm the program installation.
Download TexTalk Here