Discovering God's Creation Science 9-12
Human Anatomy and Physiology


Human Anatomy and Physiology examines the basic concepts of structure and function of the human body. Processes of cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, digestive, and reproductive body systems are surveyed. Organ systems are discussed and special topics include nutrition, cancers, and use of androgens. Completion of Biology is highly recommended prior to enrolling in this course.

This course can fulfill a Science Credit for grades 9-12 OR a General Elective Credit for grades 9-12.

Discovering God's Creation Science 9-12
Human Anatomy and Physiology


This eBook is designed for students with an interest in the medical field though it is suitable for all students who are merely curious about how the human body functions. With the use of innovative internet resources and cutting edge multimedia presentations, this eBook is a detailed and comprehensive guide to Human Anatomy and the fields of study related to it. Whether you are an aspiring surgeon or you merely have an inquisitive mind, this eBook promises to be a fascinating study of the intricate and elegant bodies that God designed to temporarily house our souls.   


Discovering God's Creation Science 9-12
Human Anatomy and Physiology


Our Human Anatomy and Physiology Multimedia Series is a selection of Audio, VHS, and/or DVD material carefully grouped onto CDs as a requirement for various courses.  The content is rich with up-to-date information that helps direct students in their learning process, while specifically complementing the text provided in the lessons.

RENTAL FEE:  Our students will appreciate the benefits of the Human Anatomy and Physiology LBG Multimedia Series, provided to the student on a CD set.  The retail value of this series is $295.00, but through a special arrangement, LBG is able to provide this series the school year for a $7.95 per CD rental fee.  This course contains 2 disks. When the school year ends, the content on the CDs will expire, therefore the CDs do not need to be returned at the end of the school year.


Discovering God's Creation Science 9-12
Human Anatomy and Physiology


Because learning happens everywhere, not just on the computer, we have carefully selected offline materials to supplement and enrich the online course content. There will be assignments using these materials in addition to the online assignments. These materials are required for effective, comprehensive learning in this course.

The Heart - Hardback
Charge: $0.00

The Brain - Hardback
Charge: $14.95

The Mysteries Within - Paperback
Charge: $14.00

Body of Knowledge - Paperback
Charge: $18.95

*All materials are subject to change and are available on a limited basis.