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This is a great calculator script that has many functions. It calculates and has many different conversions available. Works in MSIE and Opera.

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Rule of three

A is to B
as C is to D

Temperature Fahrenheit is equal to ║CelciUs

Measures conversion

      Instructions and examples
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Add: +, Subtract: -, Multiply: *, Divide: /, Remainder: %. Precedence: (), *, /, %, +, -. Decimal: . point Expression: (1+2.5+3)*5-(7/3) Result: 30.1666... 6 * 9 % 7 Result: 5 6 * (9 % 7) Result: 12 If expression is selected: clear it with a new entry, modify it with arrow-left or right. Use Alt+underlined-key to move in document, and Tab or Shift+Tab for next or previous. You can use the numeric keyboard, with Shift key for its arrows. For ºFahrenheit-ºCelcius conversion when you enter any of the two (go with Alt+F or Alt+U) the other one equivalence is shown. For measures conversions select the type with Alt+1...6 and open the box with Alt+Down-arrow. Select the desired conversion with down-arrow or up-arrow and pulse Alt+o directly, which will make the factor (multiply by) to be copied in the expression line, for the addition to the right of it of the quantity for which the equivalence is to be calculated. --------- Square root: Math.sqrt(x) Math.sqrt(144) Result:12 Raise x to power y: Math.pow(x,y) PI constant: (3.14159...): Math.PI (4/3)*Math.PI*Math.pow(radius,3) Result: sphere volume, with given radius. Natural logarithm of x: Math.log(x) Sine of x: Math.sin(x) Cosine of x: Math.cos(x) Tangent of x: Math.tan(x) Arcsine of x: Math.asin(x) Arcosine of x: Math.acos(x) Arctangent of x: Math.atan(x)
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