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Learning By Grace is the online homeschooling leader. Partnering successfully with families for almost ten years, we reach Christian homeschool families in all 50 states and 20 countries. Founded by veteran homeschooling parents of 8 children, we understand your needs and meet them, because we've been there.

Online homeschooling is fast becoming the preferred way to homeschool because it saves work and gives you more time to do the important things. Let technology deliver the Daily Lessons, grade Student Assignments, track Attendance, report to District, create Portfoliio, build Transcripts,

Learning By Grace's online homeschooling program enables you to fulfill the Lord's mandates from the scriptures to teach our children about Him all day, every day. Train up a child in the Lord and when he is old he will not depart from Him. A simple promise. Hard to accomplish. We are here to help.

Our online homeschooling curriculum works so well because it is filled with rich multi media experiences through its 28,000 video clips, 120,000 hand-picked websites, and fun learning games. It engages. It empowers. It can be done 24/7/365. It can be done fast, slow, paused, or skipped; the student is driving and that makes him learn.

Re-Post – 5 Years Later, Learning By Grace Celebrates 15 YEARS!

Written by Howard Mandel
Sunday, 1 October 2017 02:23

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Written by Mimi Rothschild

It all started when my newborn triplet needed 23 operations in 24 months due to his extreme prematurity. My triplets were born at 28 weeks, each just under 2 pounds each. I was homeschooling my then 14, 12, 10 and 6 year olds, had a premature newborn surviving triplets to care for and was mourning the death of the first triplet who died after 42 hours.

We spent 12 hours a day at the Chlldren’s Hospital of Philadelphia taking care of Riley. We took 2 buses and walked a quarter mile to get to the hospital. I went 7 days a week (5 days a week bringing with me my  homeschooled kids). While in the hospital for almost 2 years, we got to know a lot of the long time kids, that were almost warehoused there. They were beautiful.  The Internet was brand new in 1997 and I was just beginning to figure out how to use it in our homeschooling. The kids could spend ALL day, every day on it and end up learning more than I could teach them from textbooks.

The idea came to me in an instant. God showed me a vision for a school that came to the hospital so that any child who was hospitalized for a long time could benefit from a learning community and pre-planned online lessons.

That was the birth of what 10 years later has become an international Christian online homeschooling ministry serving hundreds of thousands of families in all 50 states and 20 countries. Thank you Lord for your graciousness and greatness!

From 1997-2002, I spent every spare minute (many sleepless nights) working on developing a blueprint for how an online school would operate. I wrote a 500 page document that spelled it all out. I began developing online lessons for my own children to use in their online homeschooling program and tested with children live online, in many grades, to see how my ideas would work in reality. The most amazing part is that my husband is a computer software architect. So, it was really his vision for the infrastructure, that made my educational ideas have a form from which children could learn. Howard worked on the huge amount of specification documentation necessary to build an online school. Remember this was 14 years ago when AOL was the primary launch pad for all internet users and Amazon and Google were in their embryonic stages.

After 5 years of mistakes, false starts, criticism, (even lawsuits!!! from school districts who tried to maintain their monopoly in education by saying an online school was illegal) and lots more than could fill a book, we finally launched the first online homeschooling Academy, The Grace Academy in 2002.

The response was very postive. I knew that I was not alone in my thinking that in order to homeschool successfully, I did not have to do everything myself. I could not do everything myself. I have a very limited understanding of the maths and sciences and I did not like teaching my own kids those subjects. I love creating new products and new ways to educate children, but when it came to the day to day creating lesson plans, reviewing academic material and all of that, I stunk! I knew there had to be other people who felt the same, yet wanted to homeschool. So, that is where an online homeschool program that could be tailored to the individual needs of the child was a perfect answer.

The Learning by Grace Academies gives you as much or as little support from teachers as you need. Over the past 10 years we have developed an online homeschooling Academy that meets everyone’s needs. Teachers can be available at the touch of a button, lessons are available daily, and online courses are full of multi media like videos, games, websites. We take care of all paperwork needed for compliance with homeschooling laws. In some of our Academies you can get a high school diploma.

For more information, go to Learning by Grace to take a Tour of our Online Homeschooling Program. It could change your life.

Mimi Rothschild is the co-founder, along with her husband of 32 years, of Learning By Grace, the nation’s leader in Christian Online HomeSchooling Programs.

Mimi has 8 children, 2 son in laws, and 3 grandbabies. Her grandbabies are now being homeschooled. Two of her sons are in heaven worshipping at the feet of Jesus.

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